The End
It was an early Sunday morning of mid-June, when her pleasant dream was invaded by a screamy “twee twee”. Through her slowly opened eyes, sharp light entered her mind, and blurry memories of last night soon followed. Her head was heavy. “Twee twee,” a little bird kept continuing it’s evil song right outside the opened window. “Not again. Why now? Stop it,” she weeped. The bird song was fast transforming into one dental drill soon-to-be broken in her mouth. With her head under the pillow, she spat out lunaticly: “I’ll kill you; or I’ll kill myself. This is the end.
The end, however, found itself another way. To quit bird songs in early mornings after late night outs - and for several other reasons too - she and her lover bought an apartment in Vilnius city. Their cozy suburban house, surrounded by nature, still perfectly serves as their main home from Monday to Friday. To set the new apartment so it would best suit the couple’s weekend escapes to urban life - that was the task we were invited to undertake this time.
Given the task, and type of the apartment - attic, we started with solving quite a disproportion between the relatively extreme height and small area. Shaping the layout as open as possible seemed like a felicitous solution. Full integration of all home appliances was another move we made to avoid household boredom. To extend the feel of modern architecture of the building, in which the apartment is situated, we chose concrete, dark wood and polished steel as the major interior materials.
Sharp and neutral, enriched by classic cobalt blue details, the interior, at the first glance, may recall some mysterious hotel room. Well, the “home sweet home” impression was definitely not the target in this case. Rather, a private “crime scene” set for weekend pleasures was what we together with the client sought.