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An Outpost for Histoires de Parfums

Client: Creme de la Creme boutiques
Project year: 2017
Author: Dovilė Piekytė
Photographs: Norbert Tukaj

An outpost introducing This is Not a Blue Bottle, a fragrance by Histoire de Parfums.
When looking for the visual expression we’ve been inspired by the controversial name of the scent: the name suggested us an idea to create an object that replicates design of the bottle. Perfect proportions, strict and minimalistic shapes of the flacon were disrupted by imitating the surface of a broken stone.
The over-sized flacon done in vibrant cobalt blue makes a surreal impression.
Opaque surface accentuates rough structure of the material increasing the effect of fracture.
This object was showcased at contemporary art fair Art Vilnius 2017.

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