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Apartment in Kražių street, Vilnius

Area: 49 sq m
Project year: 2016
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Authors: Normundas Vilkas, Dovilė Paunksnytė
Photographs: Leonas Garbačauskas
Artwork: Some Edition / Moon

The request of our client was to create a cozy home with a feeling of spaciousness. We have proposed reservedly decorative approach where the dominant wood, white and grey colour tones were complemented with contrasting black elements.
Hall and the living room walls were covered with panels that serve both decorative and functional purposes: they maintain the stylistic continuity and protect the walls of transitional spaces. The panels used on the living room walls were made of parquet planks and concrete sheets. The whole composition is framed with black graphic stripes that create decorative effects.

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